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 Moving objects from point A to point B with Efficiency and Economy is an important task for Engineers on the Factory shop floor. We step in wherever Rollers play an integral part in moving things around. We manufacture Rollers and Equipment where-in Rollers have a Pivotal Role.

from Pipe Rolling Cradles to Pipe Rigging Rollers to Pipe Casing Spacers, Saddles and clamps, we manufacture them all, professionally, economically. all under one roof

Pipe Cradles To Pipe Rigging Rollers

pipeline pipe rolling cradles are used as an effective method for supporting and rolling pipe at the entrance of pipeline crossings or installations.

Our superior quality pipe cradles safely support, guide, and protect the pipe from damages during installation at worksites.

By using a pipe cradle with heavy-duty polyurethane rollers  , the pressure on the pipe is proportionally distributed and the risks of damaging the pipe coating and egging problems are prevented. This is also due to multiple polyurethane rollers that are spaced equally to support the pipe evenly.

The polyurethane rollers  easily move over the weld seams and do not hang up, which is time-saving and makes the process more efficient. The use of high-quality materials within the design results in maximum performance. Furthermore, our pipe cradles and roller slings are an effective way to move pipe. Finally, our pipe cradles are designed for pipeline installation projects, where pipes can be kept close to the ground for easier handling during installation.

Our polyurethane wheels do not deform under the load of the pipe, as the high mechanical strength of the material easily sustains the pressure that is associated with the weight of the pipe. We offer our pipe cradles in a wide ranging  to accommodate different pipe diameters and  load capacities.  

Dual_Head_Roller_pipe Cradle-rhinoveyors ii

delivered worldwide

Our Top Quality Pipe Rolling Cradles are delivered Worldwide in the shortest possible time and that's not all, our prices will Amaze you ! Drop us a line.....

pipe rigging beam clamp rollers

rhinoVeyors pipe rigging rollers

beam clamp rollers

RhinoVeyors Polyurethane Pipe Rigging Rollers are the best solution for moving, pulling or pushing pipes through pipe racks, trenches & tunnels without damaging the outer coating of your pipe.
If you are using any form of coating on your pipe, our Polyurethane Pipe Rigging Beam Clamp Rollers are the best choice and solution for your operation.

Horizontal Rollers

Category: Pipe Rigging, Rolling, Lifting & Handling

Description :

  • Diameter Range: 2″– 60”.
  • Rolling Surface: Cylindrical or Conical type, Polyurethane Rollers or cones protect the pipe.
  • Steel body from ASTM A-36 Steel.
  • Applications: Pipe Rigging, helps protect exterior of pipe during crossing installations  and reduces drag/pulling forces substantially.
  • Capacity – 1000 Kgs to 20,000 Kgs

Available for Worldwide shipment on short notice. Amazing Prices, Buy direct from Factory


pipe rigging rollers-beam clamp rollers

 pipe rigging beam clamp rollers Saudi Arabia-pipe rigging beam clamp rollers Oman- pipe rigging beam clamp rollers Kuwait- pipe rigging beam clamp rollers Qatar-pipe rigging beam clamp rollers Bahrain-pipe rigging beam clamp rollers UAE- pipe rigging beam clamp rollers Iraq- pipe rigging beam clamp rollers Nigeria.

 1-2-5-10 ton pipe rigging beam clamp rollers Saudi Arabia- 1-2-5-10 ton pipe rigging beam clamp rollers Oman-  1-2-5-10 ton pipe rigging beam clamp rollers Kuwait-  1-2-5-10 ton pipe rigging beam clamp rollers Qatar- 1-2-5-10 ton pipe rigging beam clamp rollers Bahrain- 1-2-5-10 ton pipe rigging beam clamp rollers UAE-  1-2-5-10 ton pipe rigging beam clamp rollers Iraq-  1-2-5-10 ton pipe rigging beam clamp rollers Nigeria.

pipe casing spacers-rollers

pipe casing spacers-rollers for dN 100 to DN 2000 pipes


RhinoVeyors‘ Casing Spacers and Insulators
ensure dependability and ease of installation during passage of Carrier pipes through Tunnels and under highways or bridges. Our Casing Spacers and Insulators are your only answer to lower installation costs with continued access for maintenance.
Rhinoveyors Casing Spacers are used to center water, sewer, gas, oil and other fluid carrying pipes ( Carriers ) in Casing Pipes.  Casing insulators are used to support and electrically insulate a cathodically protected pipeline from a casing pipe through which it must pass.  

We have the experience to manufacture almost any configuration required from multiple carrier product lines
within a single casing to concentrically fitting a bell and spigot
ductile iron pipe within its casing. Our engineers are trained and ready to respond  to your individual needs.  For Centering or Custom Positioning Within Casing
our Casing Spacers require no special tools, no grease, and
they are easily bolted on by a single worker. 

RhinoVeyors Pipe Casing Spacers are manufactured in:
Stainless Steel Band (Model SSI);

Carbon Steel (Model SI)
and Polyethylene (Model CI).


Turnkey Projects

We undertake turnkey projects using a streamlined management process. We take care of every detail, at any scale, of any size and deliver perfection that satisfies you

Why does Cast Polyurethane (PU) Make Such a Great Roller?
  • Material Properties. • Superior abrasion resistance. …
  • • High load bearing strength. …
  • • Increased tear strength. …
  • • Wide range of hardness. …
  • • Good fluid resistance. …
  • Processing. …
  • • Easily machined to tight tolerances.


Bakjam Steel Fabrication Design and Manufacture premium quality Polyurethane Rollers for Pipe Cradles, Pipe Rigging Rollers, Conveyor Rollers, Wheels, Pulleys and a whole range of Industrial application Rollers.

custom bespoke polyurethane products

Since last 4 decades Bakjam is engaged in developing new products engineered to industry's specifications. Our RhinoVeyors™ Brand Polyurethane Rollers and Custom Bespoke products are manufactured to our custimer's exact specifications and requirements.

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Our clients

Our client base is spread throughout the U.A.E and the MENA region. We serve some of the most prestigious civil works contractors in our region and are proud of their trust in us.